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On the Importance of Self-care and Service during Challenging Times

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

During these challenging times, self-care and service are needed more than ever. 

Many people have suffered tremendous loss in different forms. The uncertainty about what tomorrow brings continues to create stress and fear within ourselves which creates a negative ripple effect in our communities.

We can use this time as an opportunity to strengthen our inner environment and move into a higher state of consciousness, which will allow us to be of service to others in a greater way.  Times of chaos are a tremendous opportunity to reorganize internally at a higher level.

Our society has been almost solely focused on pathology and the problem “out there.” A more powerful, effective model is that of salutogenesis which focuses on what creates internal health, well-being, and quality of life. In other words, strengthening the host is of utmost importance. 

Chiropractic care fits in the model of salutogenesis, as it focuses on the nervous system which controls our entire internal environment and stress response.  Chiropractic removes the nerve interference, AKA subluxation, thus allowing the body to heal physically, emotionally/mentally, chemically, and spiritually. 

Chiropractic philosophy recognizes an intelligence that is present in the body and in life. Connecting to this greater wisdom is necessary for healing. 

Along with Chiropractic care, other forms of self-care include strengthening our faith/connection with God, healthy eating, exercise, fresh air and sunlight, and sleep. When the internal environment is strengthened, we are able to be of service in a greater way. 

Service can come in many forms.  My business, Cherubini Chiropractic, donates to local philanthropic causes.

 Our inspiration right now is helping to feed the community. 

Lunch Break is a phenomenal local non-profit focusing on feeding and supporting families.  For every new patient that comes into our office, we donate the initial exam fee to Lunch Break.

It’s important for everyone to find what type of service inspires them, whether it’s a small act of kindness or giving on a larger scale. 

We are all in this together, and helping each other in one form or another is going to make all the difference. 

First, we have to care for ourselves, or as they say in airplanes, put on your oxygen mask first before helping others.

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