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Children and Babies

Chiropractic is safe and gentle for babies and children of all ages, even right after birth!


Having your child’s nerve system checked during all developmental stages ensures that your child will grow up with a nerve system free from interference thus having a higher functioning self. Trauma such as the birthing process (c-section, vacuum extraction, etc), physical falls, emotional stress, and chemical stresses can affect their ability to express their full potential.  Chiropractic adjustments also help keep the immune system strong and vigorous. Overall function is always improved with regular Chiropractic care.


We are proud members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association ( They organize seminars, which are dedicated to advanced training for chiropractors in perinatal and pediatric family care.


The ICPA also provides a wealth of knowledge for parents seeking a healthy life style for their families.


The following conditions are often traced to nervous system stress:

  • “colic” or inconsolable crying

  • breathing problems (asthma, allergies)

  • breast feeding difficulties

  • sleep disturbances

  • allergic reactions

  • chronic infections

  • digestive stress

  • earaches

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